Optimization of internal operations

  • Keep track of expenses and expenses
  • Manage roster and staff
  • secure management of your data

Secure team communication

  • Encrypt integrated communication channels
  • Tap-proof – for the perfect protection

Virtual Command Center

  • analysis of all security relevant data
  • automatic notification in case of dangerous situations
  • Complete overview of relevant information & data analysis
    Rules Compliant




Customized end-to-end IT systems for private personal and property protection

Comprehensive information and reporting systems analyze all safety-relevant information, report emerging danger situations and thus proactively support the initiation of countermeasures.
Protect yourself against external cyberattacks by predicive analytics systems.
Get a complete overview of all relevant information and assistance with analysis across all data points.

  • IT-Support & Developement
  • Cyber-Crime Protection
  • Centralized IT and HUB virtual control center
  • Administration of security personnel
  • Roster & expense report
  • Administration of the security equipment

Software for Security

IT Networks & Software Apps

The core competence of IronCom is the integration, networking and shielding of all security-related systems and objects with public networks for protection against cybercrime.

IronCom is proactive

  • Analysis and evaluation of security in existing infrastructures
  • Planning and implementation of secure communication concepts (telephone / Internet communication)
  • Planning and Implementation of Safeguards for High Security Sectors (Board, Family Office, Protective Facilities)
  • Integration of additional security components (hardware / software, encryption, authorization, monitoring systems, risk detection)

IronCom is reactive

  • Analysis and evaluation of attacks (cybercrime / computer forensics)
  • Planning, expansion and implementation of existing security concepts
  • Implementation of additional security levels beyond the existing systems (communication / Internet)

Comprehensive IT system

for the operative area of personal and property protection
  • Your solution for protecting your team and your wards.
  • Avoid weaknesses in your security chain and protect yourself from cyberattacks through the central protection mechanism.
  • Always keep track: all information at a glance.

More About Us

what we offer

We are the solution to inefficient replacement solutions in the security sector.
Our system is specially designed for the requirements in the property and personal statements.
Protect yourself by the increased risks of the modern through a high encryption of your communication and data.

Guarantee security at all levels and maximize your efficiency!


Our expertise

Through many years of experience, we have sound knowledge of the processes and the understanding of security in the high security sector.


  • military
  • Security areas in groups
  • Security areas in authorities
  • personal security
  • Property protection

Our experience

Security - 30 years
Development - 10 years
Design - 8 years